Documentación de Sumopixel

Getting Started


  1. Tools. Here are all your tools for creating your pixel art.
  2. The Navbar. Here you have a quick access to the navigation menu.
  3. Info. Here you can see your image info, and even change the resolution by clicking it.
  4. Grid. This is your drawing platform, where you can create your pixel art.
  5. Frames. Here you can add, delete or move frames.
  6. Undo/Redo. Here you can easily undo / redo your actions. Access to library, zoom and your personal profile.
  7. Grid Size and CodeYou can change the grid size by pressing the grid button and sliding the grid size to your liking. By pressing the code button you can start creating scripts to create art. You can even make the grid interactive.
  8. Play With the code window open, you can run your script by pressing the play button.

Open files

You can open sumo files from your computer.

Open from cloud

You can open sumo files from the cloud.

Save files

You can save files to your computer as JPEG and PNG through export, save the work as a .sumo file or save it to cloud storage.

Save to cloud

You can save your project to the cloud and continue it on any device. You can choose to share your work in the sumo community as a public work or even a remixable project, so other people can continue where you left off.


You can export your pixel art as PNG, JPEG or GIF. With multiple frames, the GIF file will be a loop of your frames.


You can undo or redo your actions by clicking the arrow buttons.

Code Panel

With the code panel you can start creating scripts to create art. You can even make the grid interactive.


Pen tool

Pen tool is used to draw pixels on your canvas.

Symmetry tool

Symmetry tool has various features, listed below.

With the horizontal setting, you can draw pixels in a horizontally symmetrical manner.

With the vertical setting, you can draw pixels in a vertically symmetrical manner.

With the Yin / Yang setting, the pixels will be drawn in the opposite horizontal and vertical position.

Eraser tool

You can erase pixels with the eraser tool.

Clear tool

By pressing clear, it will erase all pixels and leave you with an empty grid.