Sumophoto 문서


상호 작용

  1. Tool settings. Here you can modify the settings of the tool you are currently using.
  2. Tools. Here are all your tools for editing your image.
  3. Undo/Redo, Cloud Saving, Profile. Here you have undo / redo, access to cloud workslibrary, assets and your personal profile.
  4. Navbar. It provides easy access to import/export features, save to cloud, undo / redo and help section, where you can find the onboarding tutorial and support.

파일 열기

You can open files from your computer, from the cloud or even from a image url link.

파일 저장

You can save files to your computer as JPEG and PNG through export, save the work as a .sumo file or save it to cloud storage.

실행 취소 / 다시 실행

You can undo or redo your actions by clicking the arrow buttons.


Cropping Your Photo

You can crop your photo with several different size presets, or by free hand. You can lock the aspect ratio of your photo by holding down shift.


필터 기본 사항

You can use different filters to easily apply a set of pre-defined adjustments to your photo.


조정 기본 사항

You can use several adjustments to customize your photo quickly.